Amgen Data Integrity Story

In 2022, Amgen Pharmaceuticals recognized the critical importance of addressing the challenges posed by unverified and incorrect data within their workflows. This pervasive issue, resulting in substantial financial burdens exceeding hundreds of thousands, prompted the initiation of a strategic project. The primary objective was to raise awareness among bio-engineers, managers, and facility staff about the potential havoc caused by inaccurate data and to implement preventive measures.

I was entrusted with a pivotal role in this undertaking, taking on the responsibility of assisting in story development, overseeing team members, and engaging with stakeholders to ensure the delivery of a high-quality product within the specified deadlines. This multifaceted project involved 3D development, editing, and audio production for voiceovers (VO) and sound effects (SFX).

Key Contributors:

Creative Director / Producer: Dominique Chen
Videographer: Ed Fitzgerald
Illustrator: Stephanie Sandoval


The pitching process was incredibly intensive, involving multiple rounds of mood boards, concepts, style frames, and storyboards. Throughout this process, our focus was on not only developing a compelling narrative but also on building trust between stakeholders and our team. We aimed to demonstrate unequivocally that we possess the capability to tell this story in a captivating manner. Below, you can find a glimpse of our initial test images, showcasing the comprehensive concept that seamlessly blends 2D, 3D, and live-action elements.

Live Action Development

Leading the live action development on site, I orchestrated the capture of compelling imagery and video aimed at establishing a profound connection with our customers. My goal was to intricately weave elements of our customers' daily lives into the video, fostering a sense of familiarity and resonance. As a director and VFX supervisor, I collaborated with our videography team, ensuring a meticulous alignment between our vision and the captured content. This involved not only overseeing the on-site shoot remotely but also providing clear direction and supervision to guarantee that every frame precisely conveyed the intended message. This approach helped me navigated the complexities of remote collaboration and directed a cohesive effort to achieve our visual objectives.

Illustration & 2D Animation Development

As the overseer of illustration and 2D animation development for this project, I collaborated closely with a skilled illustrator and a talented motion designer. Leveraging my proficiency in Blender, I created a dynamic 3D book, shaping the visual narrative. Guiding the illustrator, I directed the creation of pages that not only contributed to the aesthetic appeal but also played a crucial role in conveying the intricacies of the data integrity story. Additionally, in collaboration with the motion designer, we transformed captured photographs and videos into immersive 2D motion graphics. This comprehensive approach allowed us to seamlessly blend different visual elements, enriching the overall storytelling experience with a cohesive and engaging visual language

The meticulous capture, aggregation, anonymization, and management of over a hundred screenshots was a critical aspect that demanded my attention. This process aimed at distilling a vast pool of visual data down to the core 25 images essential for the project’s objectives. Tasked with ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information, I implemented robust security measures throughout this phase by speaking with the key departments where the products are used.

The careful anonymization process not only adhered to privacy standards but also allowed us to maintain a focus on the strategic communication goals. This attention to detail in handling and managing sensitive data exemplifies my commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security and confidentiality in every aspect of the project.


As the project reached its conclusion, the impact was both measurable and transformative for Amgen Pharmaceuticals. With an 85% reduction in incorrect data infiltrating the system, the organization witnessed a substantial improvement in data integrity. The success was not only reflected in the financial savings from mitigating costly corrections but also in the unprecedented engagement metrics achieved.

The record-breaking viewing statistics for a communication of this nature underscored the effectiveness of my comprehensive approach. By seamlessly blending 3D development, editing, and audio production, we not only conveyed the importance of data accuracy but also captured the attention and commitment of Amgen staff.

This project stands as a testament to the power of strategic storytelling and collaborative creativity in addressing critical challenges within the pharmaceutical industry